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Kenneth Olakunle Shobola

Kenneth Olakunle ShobolaAdvisory Board Member

Kenneth Olakunle Shobola joined the family of New Africa Broadcasting Network (NABN TV) 2018 as a member of the Advisory Board. He also serves as a Special Correspondent /Adviser on International Business.

A prolific writer, an entrepreneur, Mr. Kenneth Olakunle Shobola brings to NABN three decades of business and management experience.

Kenneth Olakunle Shobola is the current President of the NABF and also President of Quantum Health Group LLC.

Prior to his current role, he served as President/CEO of the Kennedee Group, a conglomerate of Kenaday Medical and a chain of pharmacies spread across Central Florida. A licensed Pharmacist both in the United Kingdom as well as the United States, Kenneth’s career as a Healthcare Provider and Administrator has spanned over 30 years, where his skills, acumen, and passion have been a tremendous asset to his patients, coworkers, and clients across the entire healthcare and business spectrum.

His dedication to his craft has won him numerous accolades and respect both from his peers and counterparts. With his motto, “Caring for a Living,” Kenneth has truly epitomized his creed.