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Dr. Bola Omotosho

Dr. Bola OmotoshoChairman NABN Editorial BoardMember, NABN Board of Directors

Dr. Bola Omotosho is an accomplished medical doctor and community leader. He joined the NABN team as a Consulting Producer in 2015.

He became the first Chairman NABN Editorial Board. He also serves in the Board Of Directors.

As a medical doctor and community leader, Dr. Bola brings to NABN three and a half decades of management experience.

Dr. Bola Omotosho graduated with honors as Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine from Obafemi Awolowo University Nigeria (formerly University of Ife). He had further training in anesthesiology and a successful medical career with the Nigerian Navy before relocating to the Bronx in the United States in the late nineties. He also pursued his Medical career in the United States with extensive training in hematology/oncology and infectious disease as a clinical researcher.

Dr. Omotosho exhibits a voluntary civic-minded commitment to improving quality of life and consistently bringing resources to his community despite the enormous demands of his medical career.

He was one of the few Africans in the New York City Council race of 2013. He was first elected as the Chairperson of Bronx Community Board 5 in 2007 and has held that position since then. He is also the Chairperson of the Housing and Economic Development Committee.

Dr. Bola Omotosho is the President of the Mount Hope Housing Corporation Board of Directors, with 1200+units in the Mount Hope area of the Bronx providing affordable Housing in New York City.

He is a champion of kidney/organ donation drives especially among Africans in New York City.

Dr. Bola is a recipient of several awards from various organizations, local government, cities, states and the US Congress for his community services and academic excellence.

He has been featured in many speaking forums, locally and internationally. He continues to serve on the Board of Directors and Editorial of NABN.

Dr. Bola’s favorite slogan is “Yesterday is History – Today is a Gift – Tomorrow is a Mystery.”

“Since tomorrow is promised to no one, today I offered myself for service to humanity to find solutions to the Mystery of tomorrow”.

Dr. Bola Omotosho is happily married and has children.