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crowd peopleCurrently, in the United States, there is a dearth of television stations dedicated to serving the growing population of African immigrants. The African population in the U.S. is growing exponentially, and this segment of the society has several issues to be addressed and needs to be met.

The first generation of Africans is college-educated and well-informed. They have passed those attributes to their children who were born in the U.S. The African community is lacking a medium to express itself and to announce its achievements.


New Africa Broadcasting Network was founded by a seasoned Journalist, Moses Adedeji with a group of professionals in 2014 as communication platform dedicated to African American and African Immigrant communities to give the continent of Africa fair representation in the United States.


The objectives of New Africa Broadcasting Network NABN-TV involve highlighting the great accomplishments of Africans in the diaspora through a series of biographical features and documentaries. NABN-TV has successfully begun instrumenting the positive “re-branding” of the perception of Africans throughout the world.

  • To provide African immigrant communities with information related to their historical, socio-cultural, economic, spiritual, and political background
  • To encourage and highlight activities within African Immigrant community.
  • To provide informative, entertaining, and educational programs for the general public
  • To promote and deliver multi-cultural programming which celebrates diversity in African-American and African Immigrant communities
  • To promote tolerance and diversity by exposing African-American views to a larger world viewpoint
  • To offer and promote new education learning opportunities for a diverse population

Business Description

New African Broadcasting Network (NABN) uses its communication platform to discuss and disseminate information relevant to the well-being and welfare of African immigrants in the United States of America and emerging issues on the Continent of Africa.


NABN-TV broadcasts through internet TV, traditional TV stations, and through our affiliated stations around the world.

Products and Services

  • PresentationDiscussion with United States elected officials on issues concerning African immigrants resident in the U.S., i.e. immigration, affordable healthcare, education, employment, minority business ownership, etc.
  • Engage African immigrants in discussion on challenges and triumph of life in America and around the world.
  • Discussion with African elected officials on emerging situations affecting people on the Continent of Africa, i.e. healthcare, housing, employment, quality of life, etc.
  • CultureCoverage and broadcasting of rich cultural activities from across Continental Africa, and in the United States.
  • African Food NetworkShowcase delicious African cuisines and food products.
  • DocumentaryBroadcasting of news and documentaries on issues that are relevant to Africa and Africans around the world.

Utilizing the power of influence and inspiration, NABN is soon to be the premiere source of utilizing digital media platforms to effectively create positive change in the great continent of Africa.